Cloud Landmark LLC. – Client Referral Agreement

    Suggested Practices

    As a referral partner of Cloud Landmark, we suggest you ask your existing customers whether or not they have an ADA compliance tool, website design hosting or maintenance plan, CRM, or need a custom software/portal built. If they do, would they be open to a change to a better system.

    If the customer does not have any of these services (or is currently out-of-date with their site, paying exorbitant fees to a company not providing adequate support, lacking features, or any other negative services), you should recommend that they consider having a meeting with a Cloud Landmark Consultant.

    In any or all potential projects, notify Cloud Landmark by email of the upcoming call with client, provide Cloud Landmark with the contact information and if needed, coordinate a joint call between Cloud Landmark, you, and your client.

    Policies and Definitions

    Sales Policies
    Customers who purchase services through a referral partner will be considered customers of Cloud Landmark. Any and all rules, policies, and operating procedures concerning Cloud Landmark customers will apply. Any potential customer who is currently in contact with, or in any way is a contact of Cloud Landmark, regardless of current status, will not be considered a valid referral and no commissions will be paid on any agreements signed by such potential customer(s). We may change our policies and operating procedures at any time.

    Cloud Landmark and Promotional materials
    Should you wish to provide any informational or advertising materials to your clients, ONLY the advertising materials provided or approved by Cloud Landmark may be distributed. No other materials may be distributed or published in any form without the express written consent of Cloud Landmark. Any materials for review can be submitted to All reasonable requests will be considered. Unauthorized, false and/or misrepresented display or distribution of materials describing our services will make you liable for any and all costs incurred by Cloud Landmark as a result of such unauthorized display or distribution including, but not limited to, service costs, legal fees, and any other damages caused as a result of this action by you.

    This agreement is entered on an open policy basis. You may choose to discontinue provision of referrals at any time. Any referrals given to Cloud Landmark will be considered open for the period outlined in the terms of this agreement and should a referral turn into a sale during this period, you will be commissioned as outlined herein.

    Agreement Revisions
    Cloud Landmark may, at any time, make revisions to this agreement. You will be notified by email of any changes. Modifications may include, but are not limited to, changes in the scope of commission fees, payment procedures and length of terms. If any revision is unacceptable to you, you are entitled to submit a request in writing for consideration. Your continued provision of referrals following the notice of modifications will indicate your acceptance of the changes and/ or revised terms.


    Through this agreement you are eligible to earn a commission on closed sales from customers you refer to Cloud Landmark Inc with an interest in website design, hosting or management solutions.

    All commissions are based on the retail sales price paid by customer for the ADA Compliance tool, website design, hosting or management services, CRM software licenses and/or a custom-built software/portal (“Product Sales”). The retail sales price shall exclude: AULC, taxes, hardware, shipping and handling, service hours, installation, training and any other special charges requested and paid for by the customer.

    For Direct Referrals:
    Upon final payment by the client to Cloud Landmark, you will receive a commission as follows:

    Commissions are paid based on paid invoices only. Commissions are calculated and paid based on monthly receipts. Referral Partners will receive a report at the conclusion of each month listing all referred customers, paid invoice amounts and commission calculations.

    For closed sales to be eligible to earn a commission, the referred client must sign a services agreement for the selected services and provide the initial payment as provided in the agreement, within twelve (12) calendar months of the initial notice of referral.

    I have read the above and agree to all terms and conditions as stated in this agreement.