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Social Media is one of the easiest ways to connect with and interact with your current customers and your potential customers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn….There are a long list of social networks. Deciding which networks would be the best source for your message can be overwhelming. Cloud Landmark works with you to build or improve your social media pages and your social media posts. We make sure you are using the right message on the right social media network.

Almost 90% of people use at least one social network a week. A large portion of those people have multiple social media networks that they interact with, and check each multiple times each day.

For example, the same person may have one persona on Facebook. Their Facebook account represents who they are personally: a mom, a dad, a dog lover, a theater goer, etc., the list goes on and on. That same person may have a completely different professional profile on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn persona is used to present their professional self to the world. Different interests, jobs, positions, industries, etc., will make up a person’s LinkedIn profile.

Knowing which social network to focus on the most requires an understanding of how each network is used. Part of our social media strategy planning is dedicated to helping you determine which social network will be most effective for your company. Cloud Landmark can help you create and implement an effective social media presence.

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